The Secret to a Successful Fitness Goal?

          In your opinion, what is the most important thing you do to reach your fitness goal? Is it your diet? Is it your workout routine or the gym you attend? Is it the trainer you employ or the friends you work out with? Take a minute and think to yourself, “Which one do I think is most important?”

            The truth is the most important key can be applied in any fitness goal you want to reach. Rather it be in weight loss or weight gain, to bulk or to trim, to be more spiritually strong in your faith, or even to become more flexible. The key is to be Consistent!

            In my experience in being a personal trainer I have seen many different scenarios. I’ve seen people doing the keto diet, the vegetarian diet, or just cutting out calories. I’ve had people I’ve seen 5 times a week verses people I’ve seen 2 times a week with assigned homework. I’ve had people who wanted to lose weight, gain weight, regain independence, or even become more flexible; and out of all of these combinations of scenarios the people who achieved their goals were the people who decided to change their lives in the way they eat and the activity level they had and remained consistent until their goal was met and even after that.

            It’s really exciting when you first realize that you can have to body you always wanted and you can even feel like you did when you were younger; all it takes is adding these few adjustments into your daily life. For me it is so much fun to write up diet plans to follow and what routine I will try next to challenge my body, but as important as it is to get these things right; I can have the perfect diet plan with the most efficient workout routine to follow, but if I stay home one too many days and I don’t eat like my plan says to, nothing will change. It is hard to carry your old self into your new body. A lot of times, changing into who you want to be requires changing who you are.

            In closing. Diet is important. The routine you have in the gym is important. Whether you decide to employ a trainer or not is up to you. Keeping the plan you have healthy is extremely important. But the most important key to a successful fitness goal is the consistency you have in the plan you decide to pursue.

Always Progressing Towards, Always Passing Through!

Anthony’s Personal Training