Improve Your Health With Others

Improve Your Health With Others

Hit the gym with a group exercise class in Texarkana, TX

It can be tough to drag yourself to the gym. Make it more fun by taking a group exercise class with Anthony's Personal Training.

Anthony regularly hosts small group workout classes of five to six members. Whether you're new to the gym or an advanced workout pro, you can benefit from a group class.

Schedule regular sessions with family or friends, set your fitness goals and get busy getting healthy. Work with a group exercise instructor in Texarkana, TX to take a group exercise class now.

Become healthier with your crew

At Anthony's Personal Training, you can join a group exercise class or form one yourself. Anthony has expertise in classes including:

Friend groups working to improve their health
Expectant mothers trying to stay in shape
Nursing home patients who want to stay healthy

A group exercise instructor can provide the accountability and guidance you need to get in shape with your friends. Email today to schedule a group session in Texarkana, TX.