Enjoy One-On-One Health Guidance From a Professional

Enjoy One-On-One Health Guidance From a Professional

Get personal training services in Texarkana, TX

Are you ready to take charge of your health? With the right personal training services and nutrition planning, you can reach your health goals sooner than later. Work with Anthony's Personal Training to get your body into shape.

Anthony can work with you at a variety of Texarkana, TX gyms, meeting as often as you wish. He can guide you through the best workouts for your needs and help you stay on track to hit your goals.

Let a professional personal trainer guide you along to improve your health and wellbeing. Talk to Anthony today about your health goals.

Learn more about Anthony's personal training process

Getting in shape can be easier than you may think. When you work with Anthony's Personal Training, Anthony will:

Discuss your goals and needs
Go through nutrition planning
Create a workout schedule
Choose a gym to meet at regularly
Get to work improving your health

Anthony customizes his personal training services to your specific needs. One-on-one sessions are $35 per hour. If you bring a friend, you can take advantage of special pricing-$5 per hour, per person.

Call 870-648-8292 now to schedule a consultation anywhere in the Texarkana, TX region.