How to Stay Motivated

How to stay motivated?

            Ok so you have your workout routine down, you know what diet you want to pursue, and you have the perfect gym to fit your needs! So what is next?

            Once you hit this point it will seem like you have all the necessary things in order to reach your fitness goal of weight loss, weight gain, etc, but you are missing one very important piece of the puzzle: how will you stay motivated? Why is this important? And do I really need to read any further?

            According to research articles[1], around 70%-80% of people who start a new year’s resolution will not stick with it long enough to see their goal met. We tend to see most people around mid-February start to go back to living their lives as they were the previous year. The reasons can range from it being too hard, to not having time, to, most honestly, losing the desire to change. Even if it is not a new year’s resolution you have set, human behavior is still the same. It is extremely hard to change who you are into who you want to be.

            So how do you avoid this fate and add motivation to your fitness plan? The correct answer, as always, depends on your personality and what gets you going, but I will talk about some strategies that work for most people.

            Strategy 1: Find a workout partner! This has to be the most helpful one that I will list in this article. It can be a friend, family member, a personal trainer, co-worker etc. You have to find somebody, the reason is because it is easy to quit when you’re alone, it’s a lot harder to quit when you have somebody fighting with you. So what do you do if you cannot find anybody? Make friends at the gym you go to and try to find a partner there. People are creatures of habit, especially if it is people serious about their fitness. They will usually always be there around that time.


Strategy 2: Use social media. If you insist on working out alone, this strategy could be useful to you. Do you ever wonder how most celebrities who train themselves or YouTube fitness people who train themselves keep motivated? A lot of them post something on their social media accounts every time they are at the gym. The reason this is effective is almost the same reason the first strategy is effective, because it keeps you accountable to your audience. They will always be looking for your next post and wondering where you are if you don’t post anything in a while.


Strategy 3: Make short term goals. Please, please, please make weekly goals to meet. I know you want to lose 30lbs by the summer’s end and you want to be more toned after that, but those goals take a little while to get to. Most people were on the right track and when they see their pace slowing down they give up because it wasn’t a quick fix. Make short term goals with weekly attendance. Make goals for, “am I moving better?”. Make goals that pertain to fixing your breathing, flexibility, etc. Short term goals will show progress before the long term goals do. Have them made before you go to the gym, and also have a good reward for when you achieve them. I am not going to train to run a marathon for a $25 sonic gift card.


            Once you have your workout routine made, your nutrition plan ready, and your gym picked, remember to find ways to keep yourself motivated along the way. Motivation is one of the most forgotten ways to take your fitness to the next level.


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