About Anthony's Personal Training

Anthony's Personal Training has been in business since March of 2018 and is a service unlike any other. The main goal in his personal training sessions is to see clients continue to progress towards and pass through the goals they set together and keep them safe while doing it. The business is run by Anthony and him alone. What that means is there is no red tape, or hoops to jump through. You won't be passed on from trainer to trainer or get stuck in a six-month contract. In select gyms, you won't need to purchase a gym membership. This business is run as a service rendered so you can continue to get additional discounts when they come up.

Anthony got the Kinesiology rising star award in college, a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a minor is psychology. NSCA-CPT is his personal trainer certification.

Anthony likes to keep pricing on the cheaper end, so that people who financially cannot get a personal trainer will be able to have a better chance with him. That's also why Anthony finds ways to be fair with additional discounts to hopefully get the service as inexpensive as possible. The services rendered model is one of the best features for his business. It keeps him working hard for you, it isn't getting you stuck in a six-month commitment and it keeps you from throwing your money away on big deposits.
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